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Marine, River and Lake Geotechnics

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Consultancy in Marine, Fluvial and Lake Geotechnical Research and Exploration Programs


Development and management of geotechnical research programs in accordance with the technical specifications of the projected works and under the framework of the requirements of current technical regulations.


Consultancy in Design and Evaluation of Marine and Terrestrial Geotechnical Design Parameters


Review, analysis and recommendation on the results of in-situ research, geophysical research and laboratory tests, concluding with the optimal alternatives according to the client's needs.


In-Situ Testing and Auscultations


During drilling, geotechnical tests are carried out in-situ in order to determine the design parameters necessary for the type of soil and according to the type of work projected. All our tests and on-site auscultations are carried out under recognized technical regulations and quality standards.


  • Standard Penetration Tests: SPT - Standard NTP 339,133; ASTM D-1586

  • Rotation and Traction Tests in SPT-T. - Standard NBR-6484

  • Dynamic Penetration Tests: LPT. - DIN 2137 standard

  • Dynamic Penetration Tests: Peck's Cone. - Standard UNE 103-801: 1994

  • Static Penetration Tests with the Dutch Cone CPT. - Standard NTP 339.148 (ASTM D-3441)

  • Vane Cutting Tests. - Standard NTP 339.155 (ASTM D-2573)

  • Static Penetration Tests CPTU. - ASTM D-5778-12 Standard

  • Permeability tests Le Franc. - ASTM D-4631-95 Standard

  • Lugeon Permeability Assays. - ASTM D-4630-96 Standard


Supervision of Geotechnical Projects


Monitoring and control of the work commissioned, verifying compliance with the technical, safety, environmental and contractual labor standards and specifications of the following specialties:


  1. Building works.

  2. Waterworks.

  3. Special foundations (piles, others).

  4. Geotechnical works (anchors, slope stabilization).

  5. Environmental remediation works.

  6. Special works.


Marine Geotechnical Research and Exploration,

Fluvial and Lacustrine


We carry out Marine Geotechnical research studies with highly qualified and trained experience personnel. Our specialized equipment and machinery are conditioned to the demands of our coastal geomorphology and to the specific demands of each project.

We have ...

  • More than 230 marine geotechnical research projects nationally and internationally.

  • Experience in more than 50 lake and river works projects in the Peruvian Amazon.

  • 2 floating platforms, for roads or very calm waters.

  • 1 fixed platform with lifting legs, which operates in waters up to 28 m. depth and wave conditions of up to 3 m.

  • Achieve a depth of 70 linear meters from the seabed.

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