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Ing. Pedro C. Repetto


Director and Principal Consultant


48 years of experience in the sector and pioneer of Geotechnics in Peru.


He has developed projects in emblematic works for the mining sector, civil and geotechnical engineering projects, environmental remediation and solid waste management projects. He has recognized experience as an international consultant on issues such as tailings dams, leaching pads, deep and shallow foundations, slope stability, retaining walls, solid waste management, closure and recovery of mining facilities, and environmental remediation projects. .

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Ing. Jhonatan Flores Rosado


Head of Projects and Quality

Member of the MRA team since 2010 as a project consultant.

Director of Geotechnical Research Projects: 6 Years

Geotechnical Terrestrial Investigations: 5 Years

Marine Geotechnical Investigations: 3 Years

Laboratory MRA-446.jpg

Ing. Roger Bazán Deza


Head of SSOMA

MRA team member since 2012

Occupational and Environmental Health Safety Management

Environment - SSOMA: 12 years

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Ing. Ignacio Pinday


Senior Geological Engineer

Member of the MRA team since 2010

Project execution of geotechnical projects on sea and land: 12 years

Laboratory MRA-362.jpg

Eng.Diana Huanacuni


Laboratory Head

Member of the MRA team since 2018

Geotechnical investigation project management: 9 years

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