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Historical review



Ing. Pedro C. Repetto


Ing. Roberto Michelena

In 1965, Eng. Roberto Michelena Cárdenas founded the organization GEMSSA, and in 1970 it became MRA with the incorporation of Eng. Pedro Repetto. Throughout its history, MRA has been characterized by its innovations and the application of the most advanced techniques. Among the main innovations that were pioneered in Peru are the development of dynamic auscultations with the Peck cone and with the light cone (DPL), the correlation between the Peck cone and the SPT, the marine drilling platform with legs hoists, conducting geotechnical investigations in the jungle and implementing dynamic response analysis of the terrain with the SHAKE program.


MRA has been in charge of more than 1,430 projects, among which are large-scale projects that have contributed to national development. These include the Poechos Dam of the Chira-Piura project, the North-Peruvian Pipeline and its North Branch, the SIMA Shipyards in Callao and Iquitos, the expansion of the Iquitos Refinery, the Stabilization of Landslide No. 5 of Tablachaca (the largest in the world stabilized by human action), the Fluvial Terminals of Iquitos and Pucallpa, marine geotechnical investigations for more than 20 piers, PDA monitoring of the pile driving of the Melchorita piers (Camisea), Muelle Sur del Callao and Muelle de Minerales del Callao.

Within its line of research MRA has developed various geotechnical solutions, the same ones that it has exposed and endorsed in the national congresses of civil engineering and geotechnical engineering organized by the Peruvian Committee of Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Rock Mechanics and the College of Engineers of Peru.


Today we continue writing our history with the vision of contributing to the growth of the different key economic activities in the country.

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